Graphic Design

The Original Candy Company is an old fashion style confectionery company making lollies for adults like it used to be. For the company I designed the logo, bag and box that the candy would come in.

HTML Email Newsletter:
In my previous role I redesigned the monthly newsletter that was sent to our clients. This was sent through Mail chimp and was HTML coded so each individual story would link to a different webpage on the companies website.

CD booklet:
Sidewalk is an acoustic blues band and this is their first album so a band image and design was needed. This is the CD booklet design for the band.

Inside the booklet:

T-Shirt design:
I designed and printed this tee at my previous job at Velflex. I drew the hot dog in Illustrator and also set up the print file.

This invitation was designed for an engagement party for my friend. The photos are not my own, they were supplied. I will later design the save the date and also the wedding invites too.

Sportlink Magazine:
In my previous role I was responsible for taking the photos of in-house production for magazines that we were featured in. The layout was not designed by me, but the photographs are taken by me.

This website was designed for a tourist company that offered photographic art tours of the small country town of Gundagai and surrounding towns. The home page introduces the town and gives a brief history, the second page an example of one of the tours chosen from the tab menu and the third page is dedicated to testimonials and photos that previous people who have been on the tour have submitted.

Advertising Project:
Advertising students at Bathurst CSU were hired by Pfizer to work on a marketing scheme for their new flea removal called Revolution. I was assigned to be the graphic designer for the team and to work with them and through their creative brief come up with finished designs.

The groups main creative approach was 'thanks mum and dad', which was letters from the pets to the owners thanking them for using revolution.

The final products that were designed were:
* An informational poster that would be placed in a vets office with a design each for a dog, a cat and a dog and cat.
* A simple poster that could be used in outdoor media, also with a dog, a cat and a dog and cat solution.
* Both a cat and a dog flyer containing the same information as the informational poster
* A display box that the flyers would sit in on the vets reception desk
* A you tube channel
* A you tube web banner ad, that would house a 30 second advertisement
* A 40 page document that contained the research by the team and strategy and creative direction, along with the final creative executions.

An example of the informational poster and the outdoor media poster

Examples of how they are adapted for cats and the dog and cat design:

The cat and dog flyer

The design of the box that would sit on the reception desk
 Examples of the pages from the 40 page document


Designer Identity:
These were a business card for another graphic design student who was bright and bubbly.

Magazine Spreads:
The 3 spreads below were for a group magazine that I was involved in called Pendulum. These were my spreads that I contributed. They are all double A4 spreads.

These 2 spreads were for Australian Hair and Beauty magazine Summer 2012 issue. The diet spread is a double A4 spread and had an ad placed in the second half of the second page, which is why its left blank here.

This is a design I made to show the feeling during a horse race, combining both text and photography.